Interview with Biebel at the Kings vs. Lakers Game

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Weekend With Biebel

Biebel shows the Girl Team what's up with kickin it, skating, and fishing in Sacramento.

FTC X Manik Demo

Manik came through town last month and we put on a show at the Hangar Park. The new bowl is in full effect.
Apollo came through in the clutch on some last try shit during the product toss and came up $40. A success overall and a big thanks to Adam from Manik and Steve from Goods and everyone who came out to support!
Here's a few perspectives of what went down.

Official Fitted's Will Skate For Money Contest

The spot has yet to be revealed, but the contest is creeping up quick. April 6th 2008 at 3 PM. Check for more details.

FTC Employee Keller Johnson

If you have come through the store recently, chances are you've met Keller. He has been holding us down for about 6 months now. He's known to work 15 days in a row and has earned his spot in the crew. Brandon Biebel and Chad Lundsford give their approval. Keller Johnson first quarter MVP 2008.

Ray Maldonado @ Girl Open House