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Trying to steal from FTC Sacramento

This kid tried to steal some denim from FTC last month. Ed and Keller chased him down in the plaza and took his cell phone and his wallet. Him and his brother got a verbal beating from everyone while we waited for their parents to pick them up. Here's a letter from the kid. He thought my name was Casey. Banned for life.

Last week 3 kids tried to take 3 pairs of Vans and run out. I ran one down and he tried to dip on the bus. 5-O pulled up to see what was up. He got taken out and his 2 mark ass friends got rolled on a couple blocks down. We got all of our gear back. Keller is one of the craziest dudes I've seen, on some death threat shit while the cops were still there.

In both instances, our friends showed up to cover the grid in a matter of minutes. And all of our friends were waiting in South Sac and West Sac at the bus and light rail stops. So it was great to get that much support and have it all handled in less than 30 minutes. Our homeys hold us down across Sacramento.

Don't steal from FTC. I don't care how long it takes, we will hunt you down and find you. We will do our best to keep you out of downtown Sacramento for good.

Nike SB X FTC/PLA 420 Skate Jam

We went out to skate and bbq at the B street park. Shit was mad fun and the vibes were all good. Everyone was skating and there was no stress..

Mike and Eddie

Ray Ray came out

Jeff "what the fuck you just say?" Landi

Mark with the first winner of some tre a.d. shoes

second winner... I think he also won the whip he drives in some raffle... trip out.

If you forgot yours don't worry Phil had blunts for everyone

Billy f/s noseslide

Drew gets his
Nollie crooks

Matt Miller gets a back nose blunt

Lights out

Biebel outtakes from fully flared

Manny Mania Sacramento 2007

RedBull Manny Mania at the B street park. Matt Miller, Apollo Cutts, David Price, Adrian Williams

B Street Clips

Most of the crew went out and got some clips at the B. Good times, good weather.

Russ Back Tail

Matt Miller Tre Flip

Gabe Kickflip

SF Trips

Ed and I made it out to SF together for the first time in a while.

B.A. and Doug were there


Domino Tuesday

The first domino Tuesday we had took place on a Thursday. Keller won both games first to 3 houses. These guys need to hurry it up though.

Nike SB Tre A.D. 4/20 Jam

Official Southside Contest

Ryan Stark Backside Tailslide

Mark Dillon Frontside 5-0

Ray Maldonado Front Crooks

K/F Back Tail

Back 180 Nosegrind

K/F Crooks

Eric Brockman Nollie Heel Noseslide

Rob Mason K/F Backside Lipslide

Nikki Silva Backside Tailslide

Andrew Dellas Nollie Heel Front Tailslide

Here's a fucking surprise