Happy Birthday Biebel

Say what up to this guy if you see him. It's his birthday today.

Real Skateboards X 28th and B Sacramento Skatepark

Real has just put out a board for the skatepark at 28th and B in Sacramento. We are very excited to have an opportunity to continue to build the skatepark and keep it going as long as we can. Thanks to everyone at Deluxe for helping the scene stay alive in Sacramento. This board is currently available at the shop.

New paint and A/C

We have made some changes and will continue to make small upgrades to the shop. We painted the back wall and dressing room. We have also added an a/c unit in the shop which was crucial for everyones sanity. I don't know how we made it through 2 summers. It's already been killing the game the last few days.

Southern Cali Trip

Apollo is hyped to be on The Hundreds skate team and opened up a box while getting ready to dip down south and go skate the Berrics.

Results from a serious slam in the shower!! Super bummed.

Check one, check two

Peace Cutty

I had to take Blue down to meet up with Justin Williams for a skate camp trip.

We got to the video premiere and these guys were there. Matt Miller held it down in his part.

Blue knows what's up with Matt Miller

Goto had a great time

This chick wanted to drape her legs over Mike Poore

The video went out for a second

Time to dip out. Went over to The Hundreds to pick up Apollo

Ray and Apollo ride for The Hundreds

You ready?



Thanks to Justin and Scottie and Greg Carroll for everything!