We went out to play some basketball and skate some flat ground a little with Adam from Converse and Manik and Jason Wussler. They played about 30 games of skate.

FTC and LRG present "A Night In Sac Live at B Street Hangar Skatepark"

LRG is bringing some heat with the likes of Chico Brenes, Jack Curtin, Rob Gonzalez, Karl Watson, and Kelly Hart. It's gonna crack off for sure. Saturday July 26th from 6 - 8:30PM.

FTC O.G. Products

FTC box set videos and FTC O.G. Photo Series Tees in stock. There is a lot of history going down here. The Videos and Tees showcase the FTC SF era from 1993 - 2005! There are way too many names to mention and not enough words to describe how important this era was to skateboarding.

FTC Crew at B Street

We all went out to skate the B. Everyone was shredding. Henry Sanchez has been out a lot lately too, probably due to the great weather we've had since the bad air quality hit us.

Omar came through to show everyone how your supposed to skate the new spine

B Street Skate Park

Vimby comes through with a tight little B Street spotlight. Featuring: Randy Leal, Ray Maldonado, David Price, Andrew Dellas, and Apollo Cutts.

The Mag Minute

FTC Sacramento team riders Ray Maldonado and Billy Roper have held it down these last 2 months on The Skateboard Mag site. They got back to back Mag Minute parts. They are both killing it!

Shred for Keenan

Today is the death anniversary of Keenan Milton. He is one of the best skateboarders of all time. Watch some of his footage in the old World Industries video: 20 Shot Sequence and then the Girl/Chocolate videos Las Nueve Vidas De Paco, Mouse, The Chocolate Tour, and Yeah Right. He also has some footage in the FTC Video Penal Code 100A. His time was cut short and we will remember what he did for skateboarding and the style in which he did it. SHRED FOR KEENAN! All day everyday.