This is our homie Ron. He comes out to I and 11th streets almost every night around 9 or 10 and plays his Trumpet for days. He doesn't put out his case for bread, he just kicks it in the driveway of a parking garage to play off the acoustics and talks to people who stop by to listen. All he's asked me for is to print this photo for him. Do your thing Ron!

The Sale

The sale went really well. Thanks to everyone who came through to support. It was tight to see a couple skate sessions in front of the store too at about 7:30 in the morning. We received a little omen on the friday before the sale and got a little voo doo freaked. I guess even batman can't fuck with us. Everything went smooth through the weekend so we forgot about the bat.


It's always good to see Cards and Matt Rod come through.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy's girl and his head of security came through. It was on Keller's birthday. They were feeling some shit and grabbed some things. Jeezy was about to dip for an autograph signing/BBQ and they said we should holler at him at his hotel before he headed out. Birthday Keller and little man Jordan went with a Biebel board and a copy of Fully Flared, got a board signed for Biebel and gave Young Jeezy the copy of Fully Flared. Keller couldn't snap any flicks in the hotel to keep things low key, but word is he was head to toe in FTC product his girl got him. "SNOWMAN"

LRG x FTC Demo

Thanks Abner for filming and editing the contest for us!

FTC Sac / LRG Best trick contest at the Beez from stuntwoody on Vimeo.

Here are some flicks as well.


We are having our second customer appreciation sale this Saturday August 16th. The store will be opening 2 hours earlier at 9AM this Saturday. Everyone is welcome to come out and get a piece of the action.