Nike SB Twin Peaks


The upcoming Premium Nike SB Dunk High set to release in January 2009 is a shoe that is very personal to FTC. The inspiration for this shoe is from the T.V. series and Film: Twin Peaks. The idea that set this shoe in motion was thought up by a close friend of FTC Sacramento Mai Do. We are more than proud to present Mai's perspective on the inspirations:

Welcome to Twin Peaks: a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to die there.

Twin Peaks is a town with big majestic Douglas Firs, damn good coffee, where yellow still means slow and pies must go when they die. But nothing is as it seems, especially the owls. There’s also a dancing Dwarf, a Giant, a one-armed man, and more secrets than the odd characters that inhabit this small Pacific Northwest town. Twin Peaks is the imagination and collaboration of Mark Frost and David Lynch and also the inspiration for a Nike Dunk High SB set to release January 2009.

This shoe was inspired by the show’s Black Lodge. The body of the shoe simulates the entrance to the Lodge, located in Ghostwood Forest. There lies a black pool surrounded by 12 Sycamore trees in Glastonbury Grove, which is illustrated by the black wood grain leather and green stitching. It is in the Black Lodge where you will meet your own shadow self and confronting it with imperfect courage will annihilate your soul. The blue owl on the outside flap also signifies the entrance to the Black Lodge, where owls are often found and are not what they seem. The interior is lined in red with a unique insole symbolizing what is believed to be the Black Lodge or Red Room’s (waiting room) most recognizable characteristic: red curtains and geometric flooring. The sole of the shoe symbolizes the beginning of Twin Peaks: who killed Laura Palmer? She is Twin Peak’s homecoming queen and daddy’s girl turned coke addict and prostitute who washes ashore wrapped in plastic.

Creator/Director David Lynch said the Black Lodge was “a pure matter of inspiration... The difference between reality and fantasy has never been clear to me. I’ll probably be very surprised, when I find out, what it really is, some day.” Like skateboarding, Twin Peaks and Nike SB delve into the unknown where nothing is as it seems.