FTC floor mats

Our good friend Joel has hooked us up again with some new mats. This one is the original Kings logo modified to make it more skate affiliated.


FTC Sac 7 x 7 go skateboarding day contest in SF

Apollo Cutts, Randy Leal, Nikki Silva, skate in SF. Thanks much to Jason Darnel for shooting photos and Big Pauly for the footy and edit!

Ray Maldonado Text Yoself

Ray has been getting a lot of coverage on theberrics.com lately as you can see if you scroll down the recent posts. We are all super pumped on him. He skates for some heavy hitting companies, getting flow from Nike SB, Girl, Fourstar, Royal, and FTC and he doesn't seem to be slowing down. He'll even slap someone in the face for you if you ask him to. Yeah Ray!!

Ray Maldonado Bangin

Ray has been killing it at the Berrics lately. Here's his newest clip coming through with a Bangin.