FTC Sacramento New Store Hours

Happy New Year to all!! We here at FTC Sacramento had a great time throughout 2010 and once again would like to thank everyone for the support. As we continue through our 5th year and FTC's 25th, we realize that we would be able to provide much more for our customers and skate community if we CLOSE ON TUESDAYS. Please take the day with us every Tuesday to say FUCK THE CONSUMERISM and go skate, go learn a new trick, go find a new spot, or just chill. The rest of the weeks daily hours will remain the same as they've always been. Below is the new store hours:

Sunday 11AM - 5PM
Monday 11AM - 7PM
Wednesday 11AM - 7PM
Thursday 11AM - 7PM
Friday 11AM - 7PM
Saturday 11AM - 7PM