Kingpin Disco Bowling 08: FTC PREPS FOR GOLD

Kingpin Disco is an end of the year tradition of tournament bowling exclusively for the bay area art & music community. Each year the designated bowling alley, armed with bass heavy sound systems, would shut off their lights and host a glorious night of bowling and all out debauchery.

With the option of drinking for points, FTC was able to drink their way to "3rd place" in '06, and "Worst Team" in '07.

The team has been practicing religiously, with daily visits to Cha Cha Cha's and Liquid Experience (each within 2 blocks of the shop). We're determined to place again, so watchout now.

KP_9.jpg KP_5.jpg KP_11.jpg KP_3.jpg KP_1.jpg Kingpin_Disco08_Side1_v2.jpg Kingpin_Disco08_Side2_v2.jpg