H-Kay to J-Aye

I just got back from my production trip for FTC. Went to the homeland Hong Kong and shopped around for fabrics in Sham Shui Po, and met with our production peeps out there!

Saw kobe from the infamous subcrew and BIG K-I-T always fam out there! Big up to HKIT for holding FTC down in HK, keep it pumpin' Kit!

Got back to Tokyo and worked on some new shit plus our Spring/Summer catalog that will be available for the public. Saw the FTC homies Hiromasa (aka Bedu-Masa), DT, Makoto and the Kawaii Miyu!

Man Tokyo don't stop all day every day. Got a chance to catch up with Yop…haven't seen him in a minute.

At the end of the trip i was fortunate enough to attend the final day of Sumo! Truly amazing shit...and the winner Asasyoryu (who was 14-0), had a sick match with Hakuho who beat him, then they had a tie breaker and Asasyoryu won. They say it was the best match in 10 years.

Thank you to Tets and Kobayashi-san for everything!